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It all began with Shamji Vaja Gada (SVG), an explorer and visionary, who in 1926 braved the Journey from India to the African Continent.  Seeing great potential in East Africa he decided to settle and build the foundations for the generations to come.

SVG planted his roots in Kenya with a general trading and farming supplies store. In 1962, SVG’s sons set up a clothing materials shop and over the years, grew the business from textile trading to manufacturing and further diversified into a multitude of sectors with a footprint in Kenya, Uganda, Zambia and an out reach to neighboring markets in the region.

Spin Ventures Group (SVG) has been built on strong core values with principles in business ethics, innovation, ambition and leadership, all of which have contributed to the successful navigation of the businesses through the hardships and volatility in the past decades.  This has resulted in a culture of hard-work, dedication, commitment and has equipped SVG with a valuable bank of experience and knowledge for the future.

At SVG we continuously aspire to improve, grow and build on the successes of the past and strive to maintain the sturdy foundations for the security of our future generations.


SVG established itself in the textiles industry over 3 decades ago, to manufacture and sell acrylic yarn and has since become one of the leading textile suppliers in Kenya and the neighboring region.  It has subsequently expanded into Zambia to service the Central and Southern African markets.

In today’s highly competitive market, the company’s experience, broad range of technologies, optimized plant designs and the use of lean manufacturing methodology sets it apart and labels it as one of the leading textile suppliers in the East, Central and Southern African region.


In the late 70’s the rapid industrial growth in East Africa led to the acquisition of a plastic manufacturing plant.  The plant produces high quality rigid plastic containers, closures and pre-forms being sold across Kenya and East Africa.  In the 90’s the company expanded the business in Uganda to reach markets further afield in Central Africa.

In 2008, SVG ventured into manufacturing polypropylene woven sacks to supply a broad range of packaging requirements across markets in Central and Southern Africa, based out of Zambia.  The company has grown to become one of the major players in the region.


In 2009, the group invested in a commercial farm in Zambia to become involved in primary food production and to play a part in ensuring food stability in the region.

The company aids the welfare of the local community by housing, educating and providing basic medical services to workers and their families in conjunction with neighboring farms.

With the growth of the Kenyan sugar sector and a growing gap between the consumption and supply from existing government owned sugar mills, in 2010, a sugar plant was commissioned in the south western sugar belt.

The company works closely with over 10,000 small-scale farmers cultivating a total of approximately 12,000 hectares of land in order to ensure a constant supply of cane to the plant.   The company provides agricultural know-how to the farmers as well as assistance in sourcing materials essential for the cultivation of high quality cane.

The plant is fully self-sufficient in its energy usage by generating power from waste to reduce its eco footprint.


In 2003, SVG ventured into the Kenyan floriculture industry to grow and export high quality roses in order to service the growing demand in the European markets.

Starting out with a mere 6 hectares, the company currently consists of four farms within the Rift Valley region of Kenya and is now standing at approximately 75 hectares with over 60 varieties of roses.  Each farm produces its own unique range of roses separately marketed under its own brand.

The company exports flowers into Europe through the Dutch auctions and directly to European retailers.


In the last half-decade the growing demand for urban residential and commercial property has been at an exponential pace.  Seeking to capitalize on this opportunity SVG set-up its property development arm.

The company’s flagship development started in 2006 with a 537 unit, middle-income residential estate including a community center and business office park located in the capital city, Nairobi.

In 2010, the company started a low to middle-income self-contained ‘village’ with a vision to develop 1200 townhouses in the Eastern suburbs of Nairobi.

The company, in 2013, co-invested in a 392 acre project named Tilisi.  The project is a mixed-use controlled development near Limuru in the greater Nairobi area.  The project will include residential, commercial, light industrial, education, retail and medical sectors.


SVG’s most recent venture has been in the food sector.  The Group is committed to developing food manufacturing & service businesses as well as retail outlets across the region in which it operates.



In 2015, with the growing demand for quality affordable medical care and minimally invasive surgery in East Africa, SVG invested in a day surgery medical centre in Nairobi.  Following this, the group has launched a fertility centre in 2016.

SVG aims to increase the availability of quality medical care with ease of access to specialist services focused towards outpatient services and minimally invasive surgery at affordable prices.


Since 2000, SVG has developed and grown a successful fund management business.  The financial markets have been in turmoil throughout this period starting from the ‘Dot Com’ bubble to the recent ‘Financial Markets Meltdown’.  The business has built a robust investment strategy that has weathered the multiple market shocks and has consistently outperformed the majority of asset classes.


Maksons Plaza , 4th floor, 7 Parklands Road, PO Box 39542 – 00623, Nairobi, Kenya